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The Starship Philosophy: Its Heritage and Competitors

Examines the distinctive features of the astronautical philosophy characteristic of the current surge of interest in interstellar spaceflight. Contrasts them with the conflicting features of more Earthbound philosophies in order to elucidate the…

Traces on the Rhodian Shore: Nature and Culture in Western Thought from Ancient Times to the End of the Eighteenth Century

Remains, even after half a century, the most comprehensive serious general survey available of the development of intellectual and scientific attitudes toward nature in the history of western civilization from antiquity up to the end of the…

Critical Theory: Essays

Collection of Horkhiemer's early essays that define the program of critical theory. Includes seminal essays such as "Traditional and Critical Theory" and "The Latests Attacks on Metaphysics," providing background and context for many of the wartime…

Critique of Instrumental Reason

A series critical essays that connect the rise of Enlightenment thinking with the emergence of state bureaucratic apparatuses that oppress human societies through a distinctive form of ‘instrumental rationality’.

The Cunning of History: The Holocaust and the American Future.

Written by Paul Tillich’s student, Rubenstein argues the holocaust is the rational expression of historical tendencies made possible by the European Enlightenment, it’s focus on rational order and technical mastery of nature.

FRN 825:The Marquis de Sade: From materialist philosophy to popular culture and feminist theory

Dr. Steinberg gives a lecture on the relationships of Sade with the French Revolution.

Machine and Organism

Canguilhem inverts the normal scientific question--what is the mechanism underlying this organic process?--and asks how machines are organic. He traces the history of the relationships between organism and machine from the ancient Greek political…