Jessica Suzanne Stokes

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Jessica Suzanne Stokes is a disabled poet/performer/educator/scholar currently pursuing her PhD in English at Michigan State University. As an academic, she draws on disability studies, feminist materialisms, and queer of color critique to rethink how we read and write. She reads contemporary poetry (particularly poetry deemed “experimental”) to analyze and develop crip methodological writing and reading practices.

Jessica offers her thoughts on disability poetics as author of Jacket2's "Discordance" Commentary Series. Her goal is to work towards reading methods that allow for coalitional access (ie forms of access that are attentive to disability, illness, neurodivergence, race, class, gender, and sexuality). Her work has appeared in Contemporary Objectives in Postgraduate American Studies, The Mayo Review, and the book We Are Not Your Metaphor: A Disability Poetry Anthology.

Jessica was one of the 2019 Graduate Student Assistants for Legacies of the Enlightenment. In addition to working to increase accessibility across the website, she helped to share LoE at the MLA 2020 annual conference in Seattle.

Image description: A white woman sits on a shoreside hill with the Golden Gate Bridge blurry in the background. The woman wears a soft black and red velvet dress and a gold sunburst necklace. She has a purple wheelchair and a lot of red hair.


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