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FRN 825:The Marquis de Sade: From materialist philosophy to popular culture and feminist theory

FRN 825 The Marquis de Sade.pdf
A graduate seminar that examines Sade's work (La Philosophie dans le boudoir) and his adaptation of 18th-century materialist philosophy, as well as Sade's impact on later feminist pro-sex authors like Virginie Despentes and Morgane Merteuil and…

Comparative History of Sexuality, Health, and Illness

Comparative History of Sexuality, Health, and Illness Accessible.pdf
The history graduate course explores histories of sexuality, health, and illness in the contexts of colonialism and post-colonialism between the mid-nineteenth century and the end of the twentieth-century, with a focus on pertinent issues such as…

FR597: The Abnormal Early Modern

The Abnormal Early Modern.pdf
A graduate seminar in French that examines texts from the 16th-18th centuries organized around the theme of abnormality. Students also read critical theory in gender and sexuality studies, disability studies, and queer studies, among others.

Places and Spaces of the Francophone World: Disasters

An advanced French course that explores representations of disasters in sculpture, painting, literature, and film.

Environmental Issues in French and Francophone Literature

Français 589 Syllabus Spring 19 (1).pdf
This advanced French literature course explores environmental issues in three units that each consist of readings from both contemporary and historical periods. The first unit considers how the impact of environmental disaster or decline varies…

FR543: Studies in the Enlightenment: Kinship, Community, and State

FR543 syllabus.pdf
A graduate seminar in French that examines 18th-century novels and poems from France and Haiti exploring the relation of kinship and community to the State. Students also read critical theory in psychoanalytic theory, gender and sexuality studies,…