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Project Team

Project Team

Valentina Denzel

Co-Principle Investigator
Assistant Professor of French Literature, Michigan State University

Tracy Rutler

Co-Principle Investigator
Assistant Professor of French and Women's Studies, Pennsylvania State University

Kristen Mapes

Project Manager
Digital Humanities Coordinator, Michigan State University

Alexandra Helwig

Research Intern (2017-2018)
Pennsylvania State University

Jeffrey Harrison

Research Intern (2017-2018)
Michigan State University

Sara J. Grossman

Climates Group Leader (2017)
Visiting Fellow at the Center for Humanities and Information, Pennsylvania State University

Jorge Felipe

The In-between Group Leader (2017)
PHD candidate in History, Michigan State University

Naoko Wake

Revolts and Upheavals Group Leader (2017)
Associate Professor of History, Michigan State University

Mark Sentesy

Materialisms Group Leader (2017)
Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Classics, Pennsylvania State University

Contributing Scholars

Cindy Ermus

Assistant Professor of History, University of Lethbridge in Alberta

Sharonah Fredrick

Clinical Assistant Professor of Spanish Language & Culture, Department of Romance Languages and Literatures, University of Buffalo.

John Grey

Academic Specialist, Department of Philosophy, Michigan State University

Christian Haines

Assistant Professor of English, Dartmouth University

Matthew Handelman

Assistant Professor of German and core faculty in Digital Humanities, Michigan State University

Mary McAlpin

Professor of French, University of Tennessee

E. L. McCallum

Associate Professor of English, Michigan State University

David Michael McCarthy

Visiting Lecturer, Central Michigan University

Natania Meeker

Associate Professor of French and Comparative Literature, University of Southern California

Michael O’Rourke

Professor of Philosophy and faculty in AgBioResearch and Environmental Science & Policy, Michigan State University

Meghan K. Roberts

Assistant Professor of History, Bowdoin College

Elena Ruíz

Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Global Studies, Michigan State University

Daniel Smith

Associate Professor of Theatre Studies, Michigan State University

Ronen Steinberg

Assistant Professor of History, Michigan State University

Sara Wellman

Associate Professor of French, University of Mississippi

Sam White

Associate Professor of Environmental History, Ohio State University

Kyle Whyte

Associate Professor of Philosophy and Community Sustainability, Michigan State University

Nathaniel Wolloch

Fellow at the Minerva Humanities Center, Tel Aviv University

Matthew Worley

Professor of Modern History, University of Reading