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John Grey is an Academic Specialist in the Department of Philosophy at Michigan State University, where he teaches courses on the history of modern philosophy, logic, and metaphysics. He previously taught at Boston University, where he received his Ph.D. and helped to run the Boston Center for Philosophy and History of Science. His work has been published in Philosophers’ Imprint, British Journal for the History of Philosophy, History of Philosophy Quarterly, and in a number of edited volumes. His research examines the metaphysical presuppositions made by early modern authors in their logical, psychological, and ethical views. Insofar as we today share these metaphysical presuppositions, do we also have reason to endorse these practical and theoretical views? Or do those consequences rely on other background assumptions made by the early moderns, assumptions that we have since come to reject? In either case, the study of these connections stands to illuminate both their understanding of the world as well as our own.

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