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Nature's Queer Performativity

Through a range of vivid examples drawn from scientific research (from social amoebas to lightening), Barad lays out how nature itself is queer, how it models queer communication through a performative rather than represnetative mode. Barad expands…

FR597: The Abnormal Early Modern

The Abnormal Early Modern.pdf
A graduate seminar in French that examines texts from the 16th-18th centuries organized around the theme of abnormality. Students also read critical theory in gender and sexuality studies, disability studies, and queer studies, among others.

Sade: Queer Theorist

Examines Sade's multifaceted depiction of sexual desire, gender and biological sex and links this representation to queer theories which help better understand Sade's denial of binary representations of sexuality. The polyphonic definitions of…