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History and Nature in the Enlightenment: Praise of the Mastery of Nature in Eighteenth-Century Historical Literature

Outlines how eighteenth-century historians emphasized the use of nature as a precondition for cultural progress. Discusses such things as climatic theories, and stadial theories.

Nature's Queer Performativity

Through a range of vivid examples drawn from scientific research (from social amoebas to lightening), Barad lays out how nature itself is queer, how it models queer communication through a performative rather than represnetative mode. Barad expands…

Traces on the Rhodian Shore: Nature and Culture in Western Thought from Ancient Times to the End of the Eighteenth Century

Remains, even after half a century, the most comprehensive serious general survey available of the development of intellectual and scientific attitudes toward nature in the history of western civilization from antiquity up to the end of the…